Why a great brief is so important

The brief is one of the most important parts of the design process, a great design brief gives a great foundation on which we can build a project.

It also keeps the design cost down, nothing worse than a major piece of information being left out which means the whole leaflet needs to be redesigned.  With most small design projects offering two rounds of amendments something major like that could nearly double the cost of design. But what should go into a great brief?

What is it you would like designed?

Who is it for?

And I don’t just mean the physical object, what message do you need the design to convey? The what does it look like physically, is it an A6 postcard or ice cream tub. Is it something that you want your ideal customer to keep for themselves as a reminder of your brand or something you want them to be able to share with someone else in a ‘Hey you should try these guys’ kinda way.

If you don’t know who it is being designed for then that really needs to be considered. If you talk to everyone then often no one listens. If your not sure who your target market is then STOP, get that sorted before you brief a designer.

What is the budget?

There is printer out there for every budget, you could have 8 colours and gold foil or just use back ink.  If we know from the outset what the restrictions are then the item can be designed accordingly and to the best of it’s limitations (and yes having 8 colours creates it’s own problems!)

How quickly do you need it?

There are printers who can match to pretty much most time scales but for example if your designing a 24 page brochure your printer will need to wait for the ink to dry before they can fold, bind and trim… and there is delivery to consider.

How important is sustainability to your brand?

We can work with local printers or with printers that specialise in only using vegan or eco inks, whatever is important to you and your customers is integral to the design brief.

What copy, logo’s or images does it need to include?

Have you just had some brand photo’s taken which you are dying to use, let your designer know before they spend time image searching on a stock library.  Have you got sponsors that need to have their logo included, if so where will they be expecting to see their logo. 

whatever is important to you and your customers is integral to the design brief.

Do you have brand guidelines?

Make sure you share anything you have, your brand is a connection of consistency, so making sure we use the same brand colours and fonts with each project his really important.

And be open to suggestions, it’s way to easy to be really prescriptive at times, but creatives have lots of experience and past projects to call upon, they are magpies for inspiration. They will have plenty of ideas on how to bring your brand to life.

If you would like to book a discovery session to see how I can help your brand follow the link below. – Lucie

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