The design thinking is the fun bit, here is an overview of the process.

It’s good to talk

Let’s talk, I offer a free 15 min discovery call, where can chat through what you need, timings and budget.

Brand is a delicate dance between intended meanings sent by the company and perceived meanings elicited through customer responses”
Giep Franzen and Sandra E. Moriarty

Design thinking 

I need to get to know you and your brand in a brand discovery session. I ask questions and I actively listen to your answers. 

We talk about you and your business. Your marketplace, category language and ideal customer. I can create an overview, which gives us an insight into your brand values and your customers’ needs. This feeds into the design brief

Brand Audit

I then go away to research your market, competitors and positioning. I’ll share my thoughts through mood boards and we can discuss what you like and, what you don’t like. I have often found the real gold is among the things we don’t like, and I don’t offend.

Creating the Designs 

Now we have your story. We know your position in the marketplace and what you do and don’t like. We can get on with the fun bit of creating your branding. I will present design concepts to you and we can discuss what does and doesn’t work for your brand.


Then we refine the preferred design. We finalise the colours and finishes. Commission photography or illustrations if required. And talk to printers and an artworker if needed. As well as creating the trusty brand guidelines.


I’ll get the digital files ready and we hit print: I will liaise with the printer or artworker to get the files to the right place, we pop the kettle on and wait to see the end product… of course you won’t, you will already have all the digital files and be showing off your new brand. Happy days!