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Abigail Rogers, Hypnotherapist

Abigail came to me while she was in the last few months of her studies to become a hypnotherapist. She wanted to launch with a brand in place, ready to go.

Having used Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to change her own life Abigail knows we all have the power to make big changes, turn new leaves… if only we can find them.


I hid a leaf in the ‘a’ of Abigail’s initials, a little hint that if we look we might just find what we need to start afresh. I then created a set of business cards that show natural and sometimes hidden confidence.

I left Abigail with a brand toolkit so she had the flexibility to develop her marketing and still be ‘on brand’

In the spring of 2020 we worked together again to design a journal as a welcome gift for her new coaching group.

Abigail Rogers, branding for a Hypnotherapist. Portfolio image

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