Client | 4160Tuesdays

Project | Branding and Packaging

Sarah McCartney is an independent perfumer, making her perfume in small batches in London.  Sarah asked me to design the bottles and labels, which led to a new logo, followed by perfume discs, scarves, a notepad and a book jacket…

Sarah’s perfumes are timeless and the packaging and branding reflects this; simple and iconic, the packaging doesn’t fight for attention so the perfume can be centre stage.

Things that are great about Lucie:

She just cracks on with it quietly with no fuss and comes back with such brilliant work it’ll knock your socks off.
She accepts suggestions graciously.
She gets back to you before your deadline.
She sees it through from start to absolute last details.
She’s really lovely to work with.

- Sarah McCartney

www.4160tuesdays.com | www.instagram.com/4160tuesdaysperfume