I create bespoke brand packing for startups, side hustles and small companies.

It’s frustrating that we need so much packaging, but it’s really important to ensure your product gets to your customers in good condition. Sustainability is at the heart of my business and I am always looking for packaging options which are kind to both the planet, your customers and your products.

Packaging is more than just putting your logo on a box. Creating a brand is brilliant but hard work. Our shops, both online and offline, are a tough place to be and be seen.

Does your packaging look the way it does because you just needed something and quickly? Once ‘that will do’ becomes ‘that won’t do anymore’, I can help you take a step back and reconnect with your brand values, coming up with new, creative packaging that connects to the right customer.

For your consumers, your packaging has to explain your product – its taste, values and quality – and if your product needs packaging then the packaging becomes your salesperson, your brand advocate.

“Products are made in the factory,
but brands are created in the mind.”
– Walter Landor

Your packaging is an extension of your brand, it’s a beacon of your core brand message and even though your marketing will change, your core values won’t, so it’s important to align your brand and your customers’ values.

I’m not a brand packaging agency, which is reflected in my prices. However, when needed I will bring on board trusted designers, artworkers and print specialists to ensure the very best outcome for your brand.

We discuss budgets at the outset. There are some wonderful, creative ways to use off-the-shelf packing solutions, but if you need to create something more bespoke then that can be accommodated.

If you have a new product which you’re ready to share with the world, are looking to give your packaging a revamp after a reformulation, or even if your category has shifted and you’re no longer connecting to your preferred customers, then book a free call with me to chat though how I can help.

Price, Creative packaging is as bespoke as your product, please get in touch for an accurate quote.