Is your marketing talking to your ideal customer?

It’s really easy to create marketing or branding which you like, but does it really resonate with the people you want to be talking to… your ideal customer?
After all whatever product or service you offer there are multiple people offering the same thing so it is really important to really decide who you want to work with or for?

The first step is to really take the time to get to know your ideal customer, I mean REALLY get to know them.

• What kind of coffee do they drink, do they even drink coffee…

• what is their idea of a perfect day? … btw. lunch with friends is not an answer, everyone likes to do that!.. but who are their friends?

• What do they watch on Netflix?

• How much are they willing to pay for your product or service?

• What is the thing that keeps them awake at night?

• If they could only ever buy one brand of baked beans again what would it be…?

…think about it.

It’s suggested that 80% of families eat baked beans once a week.

Each family will have preferred brand and why they choose that one will be determined by many factors, from price, salt or sugar levels, are they organic? are they ‘own brand’ or ‘big brand?’

After all baked beans are pretty much the same thing, although that might start a few arguments! but customers believe the differences to be true and they are to them.
So… why, why do your customers make the choices they do?
What. are. their. values?
BUT… also, what are your values? AND not just the values you hold, what values does your business hold dear? Because once we know these things then we can start building a language to communicate your business to your ideal customer and once we have that then we have YOUR brand.

It’s this fundamental foundation that I start all my design projects on, It’s the strategy of your brand. This is why when you work with me we build your brand beyond a logo.

If you would like to book a discovery session to see how I can help your brand follow the link below. – Lucie

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