Is your brand being missed?

I started writing this on day 10 of our family self isolation. 

My son came home from pre-school with a cough and we’ve not been in the outside world since.

Thankfully the cough has passed and we are now getting on with home schooling and being together as a family. 

But the food supplies are starting to run low. We didn’t stockpile… We are doing okay, I tend to keep the kitchen topped up and we have (had!) 40 bags of crisps I bought for my daughters birthday party we had to cancel.  As well as a massive tub of Haribo I’m saving for when spirits drop!

It’s only in the last couple of days I’ve started missing being able to pop to the shops, I quite fancy some chocolate. But not any old chocolate I want some Divine, Sea Salt and Caramel.  And I rather fancy a bagel, a Fitzgeralds bagel they are the best. I’m hankering after the familiar.

It doesn’t stop with food. We started talking about what we would like to do when we are back to normal life and my first answer was Westonburt. I love that place.

The trees of course, the hidden stuff for the kids. They have good ice cream, even if the wasps chase you for it. It’s the whole feel of the place, it’s the brand, it’s the way the place makes you feel.


I’ve always said it is tough times when we need to reconnect to our values and our ideal customer the most.  It’s this connection that get us through and keeps us going when the paths become bumpy and maze like.

Our values become projected though our brands. My values of curiosity, honesty and sustainability still hold even if my hours don’t. While I’m figuring out my path for the coming months my curiosity is going into overdrive. I’ve not stopped talking to my ideal customer and clients. I want to know how they are feeling and it’s these conversations are giving me energy to keep working.

Do you feel connected with your ideal customer at the moment?

If you don’t then it might be a sign that you need to reconnect to your brand values or who your ideal customer is, once you have them firmly in your mind then it is much easier to keep creating marketing content.

And even though we might not wan to we do still need to be marketing;

The FSB estimate that £2.2 trillion (52%) of annual turnover is through small businesses*. We have to keep going, we have worked too hard to build our brands and businesses not too.

I must however stress that what ‘keeping going’ means too you will be very different to others. For some keeping the business going as close to ‘normal’ has to be priority and for others stepping back from client facing work has to happen due to logistics.

Whatever your situation is, communicating in your brand voice is more important now than ever. People feeling overwhelmed are looking for the familiar among the crazy so now is not the time to be switching up your colours, fonts or tone of voice. Which is why keeping your values and ideal customer in mind is so key.


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