How to choose a designer

It’s time to bring a graphic designer on board but how do you go about finding someone or even choosing the right designer?

First things first it’s important to know why you want to work with a designer, what is it that you need them to do for you and why?

Are you looking to get someone to simply make something you’ve created in Word, Powerpoint or Canva look more professional and on brand.  Are you looking to create something from scratch which is bespoke to your business, like your logo and a brand style. Or are you looking to extend your brand beyond a logo?

Talk to your network

Ask other businesses who’s graphics you admire, who did their design work for them?  You might have the perfect designer only a couple of networking steps away. But be mindful that you’re not asking them to replicate the brand you admire though…

Get social

Designers naturally want to help people so they will be wanted to be found.

Instagram is a super visual platform so try searching for hashtags which are relevant to both designers and what your looking for, for example, your after a new brand try #bandingdesigner, #brandingstrategy or new packaging, try #packagingdesign, #packaginginspirations.

Facebook gives you the opportunity to search by location so once you work out what type of designer you need that can help you narrow down your search results.

Get googling, SEO is there for a reason and searching for the kind of designer you need and location should give you some great options, cross reference that with Facebook or Instagram and I bet you already have friends in common.

The power of three

Aim to find three possible designers to talk too, every designer is shaped by their curiosity and previous experience so it’s important to not compare them like for like.  Prices will vary which is down to their experience, it’s the years of trial and error which comes into play when they set their costs.

Every designer has strengths and weaknesses to their style so it important to know what your looking for before employing someone, having a good look through their portfolio will help to work out if they feel like the right fit.  If your looking for something in particular or for a specific sector then ask the designer if they have anything they can show you.  I must have worked on hundreds of different projects but I certainly don’t share them all in my portfolio the overwhelm would be crazy!

Ask about their approach, I include a lot of strategy in my branding projects it helps me to really get to the nub of your business and work out how your brand connects to your target consumers but other designers don’t work like that, it’s important to my clients but it might not be important to you.

Local or not?

Is it important to you that they are local so you can meet in person or are you happy to work with someone further afield and conduct meetings via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime.  Also bear in mind that the designer might have a preference too.

What next?

Once you’ve found three designers you think might be the right fit for you then start by booking a call to see if you feel comfortable with them, and I mean do you feel comfy enough to say when you don’t like something? It’s important to say if you don’t feel something the designer has created fits with your brand so being able to say that with out feeling like you offending someone is a must. 

any designer worth their weight in Sharpie pens will want you to walk away with something which resonates with your target market.

Don’t be nervous because at the end of the day any designer worth their weight in Sharpie pens will want you to walk away with something which resonates with your target market so they will also want you to feel like you can be open with them, you know your customers better than anyone so your the key to working out what makes your target consumers tick.

And lastly the creative part of any business should be fun so have you found a designer you can connect to and enjoy the process with? 

If you would like to book a discovery session to see how I can help your brand follow the link below. – Lucie

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