Upscale your logo to a brand in 6 steps

It all started when you needed a leaflet. You signed up to Canva and used one of their templates, it looks nice but doesn’t feel like you. Then you started to create some images for social media and again it they look good but doesn’t feel right.

So what do you do?

So you have a logo and have been using it for a while. But now that you are spending more time marketing you are starting to wonder…

Do I need branding?

You could use a graphic designer and take the opportunity to rebrand. Or if your logo feels like part of the furniture they could create a brand from your current logo.

This is exactly what I did for Freelance Mum and I thought I would walk you through the process.

If your budget does not allow working with a designer, you could create some guidelines yourself.  Then use them to create consistency across your brand.

It went a bit like this:

Step 1: Your ideal client 

Grab some paper and write down what makes your ideal client, your ideal client. Get to know them and then ask yourself which brands would they love.

Ask yourself does your logo sit with these brands? This is the time to be honest with yourself, if it doesn’t fit in then it’s time to call in a graphic designer. 

If your a bit stuck I wrote a blog about working out your ideal client here

If your logo does hold up, yay then it’s time to get creative.  

Step 2: Brand colours

In the case to Freelance Mum we had pink and blue. I used these as the two main colours and added a few more so we had more to choose from when it came to extending the brand.

Choose your colours and write down the hex codes, this website is helpful.

Step 3: Brand fonts

For Freelance Mum this was trickier.  Neither fonts in the logo would work as body copy but luckily the ones on the website worked better.  I took the two fonts added them to our guidelines.

Hint – If you plan to use Canva to create your designs then make sure you pick fonts that are on the website. This font combination guide is helpful.

Step 4: Logo shape

Our brains are hard wired to recognise shape. Have you every noticed how you recognise a friend from a silhouette?

Does your logo sit in a shape?

A shape can become recognisable, think the golden arches or the UPS shield. And these shapes can help give you a style to build your marketing from.

I placed the FM logo into a white square. Partly because the white helped the logo to stand out. But also because the square shape denoted strength, think Mr Strong!  The humble square also denotes a practical function, just what busy Mum’s need.

I used the square as a device to build the brand style. By mixing up different sizes of squares I could create a look for the brand, which in time would feel ‘Freelance Mum’

Step 5: Branding photography

Do you have a photography style?

Pull together any photography you have and create a mood-board, do they all sit well together?

Freelance Mum has always had professional photographers attending events so this was simpler.  But when you are doing this yourself it’s easy to not have a style.

By creating a moodboard it makes it easier to compare new photography to see if it works with your brand.

I would recommend using an image stock site like Shutterstock or Unplash for photography to create your moodboard. These are also great resources if you need to add to your photo bank.

Step 6: Bring the brand to life

To begin with Freelance Mum needed leaflets to advertise events. As well as some business cards and super fun Freelance Mum fairy rosettes, worn by helpers.

We then went on to create a range of merchandise for attendees to share the feel-good factor from events. These included a tote bag and a range of cards.

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