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Why can colours be so tricky?

Colour, should be simple right? Pick some nice ones that go together…. but sometimes, it just isn’t.

Your web developer is asking for HEX codes and your designer is talking about Pantones matching up to CMYK, so what does it all mean and what should you be concentrating on?

All these systems can feel a bit like talking in different languages and well simply put that’s because they are:

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Hidden Logos, part one

Oh the logo, that tricky little number. 

A brand is so much more than that small icon but you can really pack punch. With some clever thinking and a good imagination fill it with a bit more of your brand story.

This weekend we went to Brixham for fish and chips and I’ve just been reminded how lovely Rockfish’s branding is, especially their logo with a little hidden fish in the negative space of the C and the K.

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