I often get asked if I can design a logo, but a brand is far more than a logo or brandmark. It is about creating that gut feeling about a brand.

Branding is all about having a clear brand story and message, and I work with companies and individuals to either develop their brand from scratch or work with an existing identity to create consistency and really amplify their brand message through graphic design.

I work closely with my clients to understand their brand values and vision and connect those thoughts to the needs of their customers. I do this by creating a compelling brand message and identity, based on the connected values of both: the essence of your brand.

‘A brand is a person’s Gut feeling about a product,
Service or organisation
– Marty Neumeier

Getting to grips with the strategy of a brand is really at the heart of what I do. I want to know what gets my clients out of bed in the morning. It’s the thing that keeps you focused when the going gets tough and the determination and energy that sees you through the hard days. It’s the magic, and we need it because people doing stuff they love makes for a happier world.

I believe getting to know my clients and their vision is key and I will always take time to get to know you, preferably in person (but also by Zoom). I’m based in Keynsham, which is situated perfectly between Bristol and Bath, and regularly work from all three locations.

Clients tell me I have a way of interpreting what is going on in their business mind and drawing out ideas that they didn’t know they had. This is because I take the time to really get to the nub of their business.

You won’t get a design brief questionnaire from me, because I know it would get rushed and done at the last minute without much more thought than ‘yay, that’s off my to-do list’. It’s this approach that helps to define a great design brief, and a good design brief is the foundation of a great project.

You have to believe in and be proud of your brand to sell it.

Prices, Brand identity packages start from £900, please get in touch for a personal quote.

If you would like to take the next steps in creating a consistent brand message, then get in contact with me to book a call.