What is branding beyond a logo?

Towards the end of last year, I was in a meeting with a client who I was working with on a rebranding project with and after I presented my designs we got into a discussion about what is a logomark and what is a brand….

I love this question because it is a perfect example of why I don’t just supply my clients with a logo and be done with it.

My client had a logo which wasn’t currently being used because, in her words, she was “bored of it” With her own admission she had very little constancy across her branding, this is because she only had a logo and a couple of colours, and with so little to go on it’s easy to create something which doesn’t feel like you.

With no guidelines in place, secondary colours, icons, patterns or fonts to support the overall look and feel.  It can feel really dull and uninspiring to just be placing your logo on every piece of marketing and I can understand why people might forget or choose not to do so because they might be bored themselves.

So how can you brand beyond a logo and why should you?

It’s all about brand recognition and connecting with your ideal customer. What is the minimum branding you can get away with and still be recognised on a shelf or in a scroll?

Okay okay, so all the above have massive marketing budgets and have been around for years but once upon a time they were new kids on the block. The rules still apply, and while my client and I sat there discussing colours we wrote some off because they ‘belonged to’ competitors, and these competitors are local in Bristol.

Yes, your logo is important but what’s more important is being able to remove your logo from a piece of marketing or packaging and your ideal audience will know it’s you in an instant.

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