As part of your website journey with Anorak Cat, I am here to help you to get the best for your brand on your new website. 

Along with your copywriting session, my role is to help you to have full clarity of how you would like your brand to look and feel on your website.

How does it work?

Together we go over what brand assets you already have. We will discuss what is needed for Anorak Cat to be able to develop your website, on-brand, and for your ideal customer.

This will include, but not be restricted to Logo, colours, and fonts.

Great, when do we start
working together?

As soon as possible. Anorak Cat will be unable to start working on your website until they have guidelines so the sooner the better!

If for any reason you need to cancel a booking please let me know via email as soon as possible and we can discuss options.

How does it work?

1. Fill out the form below about your business and hit the send button.

2. I will confirm receipt of your form with a link to book your video call using Calendly.

3. We have an up to 45-minute video call to discuss your brand. We will have a chat about your brand and I will share with you the first draft of your mini guidelines.

If at this point you don’t feel the branding is right we can discuss options. 

(We don’t have time to design a logo from scratch. If you do need one drop me a message through my work with me page.)

4. I then make any tweaks needed and supply you with mini brand guidelines, like these below. 

5. You confirm you are happy with the guidelines.

6. I send the finalised guidelines to both you and Amy ready for when they start working on your new website. 

You will have a basic set of brand guidelines supplied to you as an A4 PDF including:
– Your logo ready for your website
– Your brand colours with hex codes supplied (including a call to action colour)
– Fonts: 1 Header font and 1 Body font

I will need links to your current marketing, existing website or social media pages.

If you have a logo I will need a vector version, so that’s either a .eps .ai or .svg file

If that is the case we use our time together to go through your guidelines. We make sure you have everything Anorak Cat needs and if anything is missing we get that ready.

We will double-check your ideal customer in case there have been any changes from when you had your guidelines produced.

We can also spend some time talking about photography, your brand strategy, or marketing plans. I have over 20 years of branding experience. I love helping small businesses with their branding and marketing so feel free to quiz me.

Grab a cuppa and a biscuit, pop the phone on silent.

This shouldn’t take too long… but to help me get the best for your branding on your website it’s good to have you relaxed and present.

I’m here to help you to have full clarity of how you would like your brand to look and feel on your website. By taking the time now to reconnect with your brand values, positioning, and ideal customer we can make sure you have a website that attracts the right visitors creates leads, and gets more customers.

Don’t worry if you don’t know an answer we can talk about that in our call.

The purpose of this is to gather the current brand assets you have and to see if you are missing anything.

Let’s start with the basics:

Once I receive your form I will email you a link to my diary so that we can find a suitable slot for your session within 2 working days.