About me

I love a good brand, one that really gets me engaged and excited to feel part of it. I love it when a brand tells me its story, its values and lets me know I am investing my money in the right people, my kind of people.

If you work with me I ask a lot of questions, I like to get to know exactly what you are about.  I believe in good design which tells a story, your brand story, and I won’t settle until your packaging or stationary is speaking the right language.

Okay, so I’m a geek and, if I’m honest, my best clients are geeks too. I love finding out about new products or services by designing them and I adore the passion my clients have about what they do. People doing stuff they love makes for a happier world.



I started my career in London, where I spent 7 years working for some fantastic companies and brands. It’s not cool to name drop, but you want to know you’re in safe hands so I think it’s okay on this occasion. Brands I’ve worked for include Heinz, Piriton, Encona, Sainsbury’s, McVities... I now work from home in Keynsham, perfectly positioned in between Bristol and Bath in Somerset, having moved to Bristol in 2008.

I have two small children and they are my inspiration, I want them to know from the get go that if you love your job you never have to do a day’s work in your life. I don’t hide my business from them, my daughter often pops into the office to see what I’m working on and my son was attending meetings before he could crawl.

 “I loved the fact that you presented the work with baby-in-sling - so awesome!” 
Zoe Hewett Interiors

Working with me 

First thing I do is get to know you and your brand. 

We meet and chat. I ask questions (lots of questions!) and I actively listen to your answers. Two ears, one mouth after all!  For some people it’s the first time they get to sit back and really think about what their brand means to their customer - this is usually because they are too busy doing what they do so well, and that’s okay.

I will ask about timings, budgets and restrictions, then from this meeting we can create your brief.

The first stage is to research your market, competitors and positioning. I’ll share my thoughts through mood boards and we can discuss what you like and, more importantly, what you don’t like (I don’t offend easily!).

Now we have your story, we know your position in the marketplace and what you do and don’t like we can get on with the really fun bit of creating your brand. I will present design concepts to you and we can discuss what does and doesn't work for your brand.

Then we refine the preferred design, finalise colours, finishes, commission photography or illustrations if required and talk to printers and an artworker if needed.

Then we hit print: I will liaise with the printer or artworker to get the files to the right place, we pop the kettle on and wait to see the end product... of course you won’t, you will have all the digital files and be showing off your new brand. Happy days!