About Lucie

Creating a Sustainable Business around my family. Offering sustainable graphic design for green business in Bristol, Bath and beyond.

Hello I'm Lucie.

I still get the same buzz about branding as the day I left college in 2000, 20 years ago. (What!!)

I’ve done the London thing and the ‘big brand’ thing, and have been a freelance designer since 2007. 

I loved the vibrancy that working with so many agencies, clients and creatives brings. But by 2016 we had two children in tow and things became more complicated. 

We needed a job for me that blended with our family. One which meant I could do school drop off and pick up and cry at school assemblies (who knew I was so emotional)

I also saw an opportunity to create a job which gave me space to make our family more sustainable. So in 2017 I gave it a go and stopped working for agencies. 

It’s been brilliant, from cutting the mileage on my car by a staggering 85%. To cooking from scratch and being home to take delivery of a veg box. (Which keeps us topped up when the allotment is quiet.)

We installed solar panels so my mac runs on renewable energy and the washing machine goes on when the sun is out. And the best bit… I have some pretty amazing clients. 

I help them to share their values with their perfect clients, and create brands that connect. Whether that is packaging, a logo, or templates for social media. A poster, a brochure or a humble business card. 

It brings me great joy to see my clients proudly sharing their brands. And in turn, watching their businesses blossom.