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Barcodes don’t have to be boring

I have a degree in packaging design and one of the things that drew me to the idea of creating packaging and brands was the fact that it’s tactile, with 3 fantastic dimensions and lots of areas to build a brand story.

One often overlooked area is the barcode, yep those simple back and white lines that although often mandatory do not in any way have to be dull. As long as they function they can really bring life to a brand message and I’ve found a couple of examples to inspire you.

Barcodes don’t have to finish in a straight line and this is a really lovely way to crop them while building on the brand, found on a Kellogg’s box of cereal.

This barcode for another wheat based product, Ryvita gives us a field of wheat which feels really natural and healthy.

So are you creating a package? and have you thought about injecting some personality into your barcode? What extra messages about your brand can you layer into this often overlooked element. 

You can find some more inspiration on my Pinterest board:
Barcodes can be beautiful

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